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The Lazy Universe


A Shivaree was a sort of wedding celebration in the late 1800's. A woman whose husband is killed is forced to become a prostitute. She escapes her bleak reality by remembering her wedding night

Guitar & Vocals: Stacey Tolle

Drums: Hudson Flanigan

Bass: Nick Ramirez

Violin: Virginia Bowman

Backing Vocals: Terri Snyder 



Should have been prepared 

For this wicked end

In this lawless country

Where devils pose as men


They took your life

For a corral full of dust

Then hung you up

Like a cotton blossom


They had their way with me

But I could not feel a thing

I went back to that night with you

Back to our shivaree


Shivaree Shivaree

That’s where my mind takes me

Shivaree Shivaree

Back to that night of revelry


Once was somebody’s wife

Now I’m a girl on the line

They can have my body

But you’ll always have my mind


Shivaree Shivaree Shivaree