The Lazy Universe

The Lazy Universe was conceived in the middle of the Nevada desert, where Stacey Tolle and Hudson Flanigan were working on a movie called Nowhere Nevada. The two knew each other back in the 90's in Reno where they both were involved in the music scene. Hudson played with the bands Trance, Source, and WEM3. Stacey played in Beaker and Gunshot Licker. They both moved away from the area, Hudson to Portland Oregon where he played in the bands AK Burning, The Vinos, and The Mello Outs. Stacey moved to Austin, Texas where she played in the band The People vs De La Rosa.

Hudson and Stacey fell in love out there under the high desert stars and movie lights, and Stacey soon moved to Portland and the two immediately started recording this album. They went back to the desert and recorded the album in Reno with Tom Gordon at Imirage Sound Lab Studio. Enlisting the help of their old band mates (Milan Luna on bass and vocals, Nick Ramirez and Dave Raichelle on bass, and Matt Waage on guitar), new friends (Virginia Bowman on violin), and family (Stacey's sister on backing vocals), the album Sake was born.

The lyrical content is unusual. Cowboys, self-harmers, schizophrenic teens, single mothers of down-syndrome children, and alien goddesses are all represented. The music is as diverse as the subject matter. Psychedelic, country, stoner-rock, and a hint of Latin mix with warm female harmonies to create a trip through the fringes of the human experience. 

In Portland, Stacey and Hudson are lucky enough to have found bassist Eric Shirazzi to add another cosmic dimension, and the follow-up album to Sake is in its nebular formation.